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A few years ago Ricardo & Robin started in the backyard Shed of Ricardo The House Shed

A tipical joke of both. But that joke becomes a monthly basis show during the years.

February 2016; Hardcore 4 life in Maassilo Rotterdam. The pre party is at Ricardo' home.
Robin and some other friends came over, to discuss the night that was coming. Robin also brought a Dj Controller, as big as a creditcard almost. ;)
After a few hours of playing and trying the controller, the people left to the party Hardcore 4 Life. 
Than the magic happens: the afterparty.
Ricardo can't get away from the dj controller and plays all morning long original House tunes from back in the days

In the next weeks the 2 boys we're caught by the Dj virus and ideas are flying around in the Shed of Ricardo' backyard. After a while of spinning records the boys wanted to be refreshing to the EDM industry, they dicided to start some kind of music station, but than with Audio & Video on youtube: the Live stream of House Shed was born.

Youtube was not a station to keep up with, than Facebook also become a good partner to live stream. After improving their equipment they become better and better. Still spinning some records for their own fun and it still is/was a joke.

Than some bars ('t Lot Barendrecht, Karizma Rotterdam), radio stations (Hardcoreradio.nl, Scratch98) and other oppertunities came their way, all with good succes. 

Over the Years they have some known Dj's that came to their Show. Dj's Like Dj Ludie, CrazyDane, The Navigator, The Frontwalker and Dj Bechno were in the original Shed.

The boys are still standing after these years, and now in 2018 the parties are asking for the House Shed Crew. How stunning! Both of the guys now got their own studio and the live streams are almost every 2 weeks on air. If you got the oppertinity to check them out in person or on the live stream, do it! Like they said: "We Rock Your House"

This summer (2018) the boys get more and more booked, check the page Events for recent bookings.






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