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YEAH! on this page you can check where or when we will perform a stunning show or stream for you!

April 6th     House Shed Live #22  (CrazyDane, Mad1, Stifler & PartyRico)

April 22nd  Oldschool Bekerfinale (Bar Cosa Nostra Rotterdam) (Mad1 & PartyRico)

April 26st  Freestyle Kingsnight (Club Magistrat, Den Haag) (PartyRico)

April 27th   Royal Cosa Day (Bar Cosa Nostra Rotterdam) (Mad1, Stifler & PartyRico)

May 4th     House Shed Live #23 (Starting with 2 minutes of Silence)

May 12th  Techno Night (Bar Cosa Nostra Rotterdam) (Mad1 & PartyRico)

May 25th Bar Black and White afterparty (Bar Cosa Nostra Rotterdam) (Mad1 & PartyRico)

June 1st    House Shed Live #24 (Mad1, PartyRico, The Navigator and Hardeffectz)

July 6th House Shed #25  (Mad1, PartyRico & Hardblockx)

August  3rd House Shed #26: B2B Oldschool (Mad1 & PartyRico)

September 7th House Shed #27 The blocked edition (Mad1 & PartyRico)

Oktober  5th House Shed #28: La Danza Special

Oktober 12th  La Danza Goes Hard (waalwijk, Perdere & Mad1)

Oktober 26th Timelapse Promo night (Resever, Martrz, Mad1 & PartyRico)

November 2nd  Timelapse club Magistrat den haag (Mad1 & PartyRico)

December 6th  Live @ Hardcoreradio.nl Warp2zone

December 7th  House Shed # 30: Hard Effectz Edition

December 14th Hardcore Veccia  VinylOnly (Mystery Guest)

January 5th Hardcoreradio.nl: Warpzone New Years Bash (PartyRico & Mad1) (cancelled due illness)

January 11th  House Shed #31: House shed crew (Stifler, Crazydane, Mad1 & PartyRico)

Februari 1st: House Shed |#32: Techno Shed with special guest Patrick van der Graaff

March 1st House Shed #33  The Ultimate Madness Promonight live @ Bar Cosa Nostra Rotterdam 

March 9th  Ultimate Madness; Mad1 Birthday @ Bar Cosa Nostra Rotterdam 

March 22nd  Techno Battle:  PartyRico & Mad1 B2B  Live @ Club Magistrat (Den Haag)

April 12th   House Shed #34      **More info Will Follow**

May 4th  House Shed #35: Promo Night For the Ultimate Madness pt 2

May 10th  The Ultimate Madness Pt 2 @ Club Magistrat  Den Haag

June 9th: The Ultimate Madness pt 3 "White Sunday"  @ Bar Cosa Nostra Rotterdam